Alternative investment fund

Founded and based in the Hague, Netherlands.

The Fund’s investment activities are intended for high net worth individuals who are considered to be sophisticated investors that are looking for a fund that aims to protect the capital invested whilst at the same time generating above average returns.

Attention! This investment falls outside AFM supervision. No license and no prospectus required for this activity.

This will be achieved through investments in public and corporate stocks and bonds, financial instruments, including futures and options, and certain types of real estate, although this type of investment will not represent anything other than a small percentage of the total investment fund. The nature of this alternative investment fund is that it is able to react swiftly to ever changing possibilities and risks in the markets and as such it is assumed that other asset classes will be traded in the future if this is seen as being beneficial to the investors by the Fund managers. In addition, new sister Funds may be established in the future that will have a more specific investment focus if this is required by investors.

Why us?

Whilst the Fund aims to generate above average returns for Investors, the main priority of the Fund is primarily the safety of the funds that have been entrusted to us by our clients. It is for this reason that one of the main targets for investment is in Europe’s largest firms. In addition, the priority given to debt instruments and, where appropriate, real estate is also considered to be an important element of the investment portfolio. At the same time we do not forget that in addition to minimizing the risk for our investors, we need to maximise the value of the investments made by our clients, and repay the trust demonstrated in us to manage these conflicting forces on their behalf.

For the purpose of maximising returns made by the Fund our managers and analysts constantly monitor the market situation in all the markets in which the Fund operates and any possible new markets. With the constant flow of informed market intelligence, decisions are made and assets traded between all the markets in order to ensure the best investment profile to maximise return and minimise risk. This technique ensures the maximum possible growth of the value of the assets but also makes it possible to hedge the possible risks of changes in market prices.


Our team

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the Russian and global stock and commodity markets. Most have worked in large investment houses and our analysts are included in the TOP10 according to Bloomberg. With this extensive experience the team at Capital Pi aim to surpass your expectations and achieve good but safe returns on your investments through us.


Dorpsstraat 27A, 5061HJ, Oisterwijk
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Dorpsstraat 27A, 5061HJ, Oisterwijk
Follow us: Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn

Legal information. Capital Pi Fund is registered with the Dutch regulatory authority that is responsible for supervising the financial markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten; AFM), under the ‘Light Regulatory Regime’. The Fund Management Company is registered in the Dutch commercial register and is also based in the Netherlands.

We started in 2014 with a simple idea – anyone in any country should get an easy and secure way to increase their capital at the expense of cryptocurrency. It was a bold decision. The cryptocurrency market was just beginning to develop and it was difficult to assess the consequences of investment decisions. We took a risk, and for several years now, a team from different countries has been working under the Pi Capital Union brand to bring together the most popular products on the market into one Fintech ecosystem and simplify specialized financial forms. We always remember that you have a choice and therefore offer to make it among our products. The team at Capital Pi aim to surpass your expectations.